Tip of the month

    Tips from our network manager Mark Williams:

    To maintain best performance on the computers you use, please remember the following:

    • Please do not “switch user” where possible. Multiple logons use up resources fast and machines become slow and unresponsive. Certain devices will only work for the first user to log in in some situations, like the sound, for example, will not work for second and subsequent logins.
    • Do not leave yourself logged onto a computer or lock it if you will not be using it again for a while. This avoids the situation above.
    • Please shut down the computer you are using at the end of the day. Leaving it on night after night will slow it down.
    • Restarting a computer can fix many performance issues, especially if it has been left on for several days. Pushing the power button on the PC will shut it down even if you are not logged on.
    • If all of the above have been adhered to and your login is taking three minutes, or longer, please let us know via Helpdesk. We can investigate why this is and may be able to improve it.